Our goal is to provide naturally flavoured, traditional ramen soup. To achieve the perfect taste, we prepare our soup daily using quality ingredients which are locally sourced where possible. That is why we make a limited amount of soup each day. No artificial seasonings, preservatives, or MSG are used.

  1. What are your hours?
    Tokiwa is OPEN every day from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm.
  2. Do you take reservations?
    We do not take reservations.
  3. Do you provide ready-to-eat ramen for take-out?
    We do not offer ready-to-eat Ramen for take-out.
  4. Do you accept credit cards?
    We do not accept credit cards (cash or debit only).
  5. Does your food contain any MSG?
    No artificial seasonings, preservatives, or MSG are used in the preparation of our food.
  6. What about allergies?
    We are peanut-free. Please check with your server if you have any other food allergy concerns.
  7. Do you have a vegetarian option?
    We do offer a vegetarian ramen.
  8. Are gift certificates available?
    Yes, and the gift card can only be used for dine-in.